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The beauty industry has been growing faster and faster every year. In 2019, it was estimated to have a value of $532 billion according to a report by retail analytics firm named Edited. In Fort Myers, body waxing has been becoming a trend over the years and is steadily catching up to other cities like Tampa, Orlando, or Miami.

There are 5 to 7 professional body waxing centers in the Fort Myers area; we are proud to be one of the first in that group to open in this city. One of the biggest differences between us and other centers, is our hard and soft wax. Hard wax is always used on Bikini areas to remove all unwanted hair, but a few other areas of the body, such as legs or back will sometimes call for soft wax. To completely remove the unwanted hair and not leave any small stranglers behind, soft wax does the job. This method allows us to give you the best result after waxing.

Ladies and Gents, looking for a waxing near by can find us on Google and book an appointment quick and easy through our website! We have specials available for first time guests and discounts for college students from Florida Gulf Coast University, Florida Southwestern State College, Rasmussen College, and more!

As body waxing continues to grow in this city and state, we will always be here to keep Fort Myers silky smooth all year long!

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