In waxing history, some services may have been recognized within the last century but waxing has been around way longer than we imagined. This fashion  is not a modern-day technique that most of you thought it was.  It has a long history tracing from different parts of the world.


Middle Ages

At this time point in time they shaved in the Middle Ages, but they shaved their head or face , reasons are still in question. Also, some people came from Africa with chemicals such as resin and other ingredients to prevent the growth of hair.

Ancient Egyptians

In Ancient Egypt, keeping body hair was against their culture and anyone seen to be keeping hair is considered  low-class and uncivilized since the people In power were hairless. They used hard extreme methods for waxing and the pain was agonizing at the time.

Roman Empire

Romans do not keep hair and use different techniques in waxing during that period.  At those times, they used resins, cocoa shells and sharpened edges of sandals to shave their eyebrows. These people considered shaving all parts of the body as holiness and were very serious with it.

For beauty conscious Romans waxing the entire body was common. In their political campaign, especially Neron and Popee, waxing was evident; it included the waxing of chest, underarms, legs, arms, upper lip and nose.

The 80’s till present

From the ’80s and present, most women and some men have accepted waxing as a normal tradition, all for personal reasons such as fashion, sports, etc. Today they use more advanced equipment to remove hair everywhere.

Does Waxing Hurt?

This is a very subjective question among people, but the answer to this question is not accurate because everyone has a different pain tolerance and may not be as sensitive as others.

Waxing is done by a somewhat difficult process that involve pulling every strand of hair from the skin, the hair follicle is being pulled in the process causes a little shock and vibration to your nerves. Although, this pain/shock only lasts for a few seconds it is easy to recover from.

The real pain of the waxing process can be prevented by taking care of yourself before and after the waxing process. If you do not prepare very well for your skin, it could cause more pain during the process. The same applies after the waxing process.

Finally, the level of pain you receive from the waxing process all depends on how you prepare for your wax and how well your specialist performs.

Benefits of Waxing

Your hair would grow back, slowly, finer and fresher

Due to the intense elimination from the skin that it received, it will begin to grow back slowly, finer and nicer because a new hair follicle emerges.

No inflammation to your skin

For the majority of people that shave, their skin is always prone to inflammation, which could cause irritation and roughness. Unlike shaving, waxing guarantees you smooth skin and no inflammation.

No itching

It is obvious that itching occurs when you just shaved hair from any part of your body with either a razor or clippers, But with wax, when all hairs your hair is removed appropriately, you won’t scratch due to know hair!

Ever smooth and great     

There is that great feeling of fine-textured skin, which would make you comfortable thereby grant you the confidence that you seek.  

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