Vajacial is a procedure to remove ingrown hairs and dead skin around the bikini level for ladies. It has become popular stuff for ladies around the globe, they’ve used it for many reasons and it never disappoints.

After having a bikini or a Brazilian wax, it’s prefered to get a vajacial as it helps clean down south, stopping any irritation. All the same, vajacials with its protection makes you healthy and good to go.

The vajacials treatment is a good and reliable unique facial that you should endeavor to use or apply for when you book your next appointment with your esthetician.

When should I get one?

Surely, getting a vajacial is a nice experience with all of its health benefits and good effects. If you’ve ever thought of getting a Vajacial, the first thing that should come to your mind is:

Have you suffered from ingrown hairs or bumps?

If you’ve not ever suffered from ingrown hairs or bumps, there is no need of getting a vajacial treatment unless you’re doing it for reasons best known to you. Those are its main functions and if you’ve got those problems, getting a vajacial treatment is the right solution.

Time length after a bikini wax

After you’ve done your bikini wax and you desire to get a vajacial treatment, you’ve got to wait for 10 days minimum, because, your hair would have begun growing a little.

Number of times in a year

To maintain healthy skin, you must do the needful by taking note of the times you’ve done the vajacial treatment for a year. It is recommended that you do the vajacial treatment 2-4 times a year to maintain healthy skin.

Benefits of Vajacials

Good knowledge of your vulva

Before and during the process of your vajacial treatment, you would have quality time with your vulva, unlike any other time. You would have a chance to know the various characteristics, possible problems and what your vulva needs to prevent these problems. So, the vajacial treatment will make you have good knowledge of your vulva.

As a new routine, it helps to fight anxiety

Recent studies have shown the importance of getting a vajacial treatment for the first time and how it would help fight against anxiety. It’s kind of doing something new that touches your most sensitive part. When you do this treatment for at least 3 times a year, you should overcome your anxiety.

Good sex experience

With the whole area cleared and dead cells removed, you will have a pleasent sexual experience.

Dead cells and in-growth hairs hinders a good sexual experience, Get a vajacial and don’t let those stubborn hairs get in your way.

It builds your inner and outer confidence

A consistent vajacial treatment helps supports keeping you clean; giving you  the confidence to put on whatever bikini without any objection.

Vajacial sshould be taken seriously by women who want to have a good vulva on both the outside and the inner. It is advised that you meet a specialist who would do the proper treatment to avoid any form of problem. A careful treatment would aid an excellent genital and vulva function.

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