Pre-waxing is the process of using a pre-wax product to clean the surface of a layer that contains hair, making it look clean and glossy. It doesn’t need oil to make the surface area clean and fresh, the wax is the oil itself and when applied with all focus, that area will look fresh.

There are do’s and don’ts to pre-waxing that you must know in other to achieve your desired goal.

Have a shower 2-3 hours before a wax

This is significant and one of the most important parts of pre-waxing. It’s mandatory and must be adhered to, because without having your bath at that period around maybe 1 hour or 30 minutes, before your wax, there will be harsh consequences that will damage your skin.

When suffering from any disease or skin disorder, get a doctor’s approval

Most people do find themselves in this kind of situation, so you must seek your doctor’s approval before going to a wax room, that is, if you’re are suffering from a disease or other skin infections.

Exfoliate before washing

This can be done by either a chemical or mechanical procedure. It involves removing the outermost layer of the skin and it is highly recommended before you wax to prevent ingrown hairs and which is bad and irritating.

Leave hairs long enough for proper grip by the wax

It is a appreciated to keep the hair long on any part of your skin that you wish to wax for easy grip. The hair should be at a medium length, but it shouldn’t be short. You have to quit shaving 2-3 weeks before your appointment.

Treat skin injuries or bruises

It is advised you tend to your injuries and bruises before you carry out waxing. The wax could cause more damage to the skin, which will cause stress and discomfort.

Pre-Waxing Don’ts

  1. Abstain from skin medication during the waxing period

You must abstain from all skin medications 2 weeks before your waxing to avoid negative reactions on your skin to the wax. When the wax comes in contact with your skin, and senses retinol (medication for skin), it will react in a bad way, which would cause major issues.

  1. Avoid the gym and spa rooms during this time

This is vital if you want to achieve good skin. Going for workouts at the gym and doing spa treatment is healthy, but during your waxing period, they could disrupt the effect of the wax on that part of the skin and cause some damage within days. So, it is suggested that you stay away from the gym for a month before carrying out waxing.

  1. Do not carry out a Botox injection for at least 3 days before waxing

Botox injections are carried out on certain parts of the skin against face wrinkles and sometimes excess sweat. You mustn’t carry out this treatment 3-4 days before your wax application. If not adhered to, it would lead to certain negative consequences that may be difficult to treat.

  1. Do not schedule a waxing date during your period

If you want to have a successful treatment, do not schedule waxing during the time of your period or when you feel that it’s  close. Your skin must not come in contact with your blood. All of that stress, weakness, and pain will contribute to more pain when you get waxed.

It is a lot better to schedule your appointment  after your period, so you can feel comfortable and 100% ready for your wax.

All of the above Do’s and Don’ts for your pre-waxing must be accomplished in order to have a successful waxing experience.

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