Post waxing is your “Scrub and Rub”. Waxing may be a unique technique that has great effects on the skin, but  needs proper attention and care to keep your skin healthy.

Here are the things you need to do and not do for the next 3-4 days after your waxing process.

Post-Waxing Do's

  1. Apply cold substances/compressors

After waxing, your skin could become red and very soft, so at this point, you must apply cold substances or liquids to cool it. This will make the blood flow slowly so that it doesn’t appear red; enabling coolness and smoothness.

  1. Wear loose and light fabrics clothes

No matter what kind of waxing is done, it is complimentary to wear loose and light clothes to accommodate fresh air to your skin. After waxing, your skin needs to be free and exposed to air in order to avoid sweating, which could leave some parts of the skin damaged with short hairs thereby arguably granting you those ingrown hairs.

  1. Apply antiseptic cream on your skin

Antiseptic cream contains antibodies that help to fight against diverse skin disorders and disease. A day after your wax, apply antiseptic cream all over your skin that was pre-waxed to keep inflammation and irritation silenced.

  1. Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliation needs to be done to the skin after waxing has been carried out. A day after your wax, exfoliate your skin very well to make the hairs grow back; in an orderly, smooth and healthy manner. This process can be done with a dry brush and is highly recommended.

Post-Waxing Don'ts

  1. Abstain from using perfumed products

Perfume products hurt your goal towards smooth skin. Body spray, cologne etc. are strong and could react to the skin in a bad way thereby causing redness.

  1. Avoid touching or scratching your skin

Irrelevant touching and scratching could lead to easy injuries and widen the pores than normal, thereby causing infection in the process. Apart from applying oil, do not scratch your skin even if you feel the urge to do so. Restraining from it would make your hair grow smoothly.

  1. Stay away from the sun for at least 72 hours

It is very important to stay away from the sun for at least 72 hours after waxing because high exposure to the sun could bring sunburns to skin  which is extremely damaging. After waxing, your skin becomes very sensitive and must not receive sunlight for the next 72 hours.

  1. Avoid the swimming pool for a while

Of course, this is not advised and should be 100% adhered to avoid harsh repercussions. As you know, swimming pools carry bacteria and other diseases caused by dirt which could lead to skin infection and could make your waxing yield no effect and cause more problems.

Also, as the skin becomes highly sensitive after waxing, it shouldn’t be exposed to any chlorine which is in all swimming pools. That could cause skin disorder, so it is advised you stay clear of a pool for at least 72 hours.

  1. Do not engage in aggressive or stressful workout/exercise

After waxing, do not engage in aggressive or stressful workouts for at least a week for smooth and easy growth of hairs. When you engage in stressful workout, you will sweat a lot and that is not needed in your skin after waxing.

Also, your pores don’t need extra widening as it would make hair grow abnormally or irregularly.

Post-waxing methods that include the do’s and the don’ts are all important and should be done with discipline to avoid problems to your skin.

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