People often ask if facials can work with wrinkles, the answer is yes. First of all, wrinkles could be caused by aging or the use of creams and other chemicals that are unsuitable for your skin. That would be the cause as to why you have wrinkles before you even start aging.

Wrinkles can be cleared with a facial treatment, but you still need to use other methods of eliminating wrinkles. A facial can be done twice or three times a week depending on the other treatments you’re applying on your skin. Let’s take a look at how facial works with wrinkles.


The type of cleanser you need depends on your age and the kind of skin you got. Most times, young people with wrinkles are the ones with dry skin. While those that are aged will be cleansed through exfoliation to eliminate every dead skin cells.


This is a significant part that stretches the wrinkles away from the face and makes it smooth. It should be done with utmost care because of its technical movement. The massage is carried out with a facial chemical and a towel that is pushed around your head and neck to make the muscles stretch and free from all form of tightening that makes the wrinkles disappear.

When this is going on, your body should be relaxed, with this, you would have a proper and effective facial massage.


This step is very crucial and cannot be avoided because it destroys dead skin cells and prepares the skin for the main facial work that would be done. It removes debris and dead skin thereby making the skin very smooth.


This is another good way in which facial works with wrinkles. With the aid of sunscreen, the appearance of wrinkles in your face and skin would disappear gradually. There are a lot of sun protection chemicals that aid the good performance of major treatments towards the wrinkles. One major reason why the excellent treatments do not work is due to the harsh effect of sun rays on the skin, which increases the number and strains of these marks. So, one major way facial helps wrinkles is through the use of various sun lotion.


Our Anti-Aging facial showcases our most advanced anti-aging products. A glycolic treatment peel exfoliates and helps to reveal even skin tone. “Problem areas” receive a powerful punch of peptides, antioxidants, firming collagen and hyaluronic filling agents as well as cutting edge technology to restore radiant, smooth younger-looking skin. Along with a complimentary soothing scalp, shoulder, neck, hand and foot massage.

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