A Brazilian is the practice of removing hair from important regions like the bikini wax, but a far more advanced method that deals with all parts of the bikini, the back, front, top and bottom. This also includes the strands along your vagina lips. It gives you a complete clean look and makes every part of your skin in those regions smooth and visible.

You also have the option to have a design before you get your Brazilian done.  You can have it waxed clean like playboy, or have it shaped like the Bermuda Triangle, mohawk, etc.


Some say, preparation is the mother of all good for the desired result, so in other words it is crucial that you come in with adequate preparation before going in for a Brazilian wax, to prevent facing any repercussion.

 Your hair should be long enough

It is highly suggested by arguably every aesthetician out in the beauty industry to not shave before coming in for a Brazilian. You need at least a quarter inch of hair for it to be removed. Your aesthetician possess the savvy when it comes to how the treatment should be done to fulfill your expectations. So instead of cutting/shaving, you should leave it to the specialists who are sophisticated when it comes to how your hair grows and how to remove it swiftly. Shaving incorrectly would not only leave you with ingrown hairs, but also a painful experience, so remember; “Beauty isn’t always pain, it takes brain” Don’t Shave!

Exfoliation is advised

Exfoliation is encouraged before a Brazilian wax because it eliminates all the dead skin, making it a lot easier to remove hair. This can be done by using any effective firm scrub to easily wax those hard hairs.

No Sugar Coating

Your first Brazilian will bring some discomfort, but worthwhile. I promise it’s a great investment, just conquer your fears! Would you really prefer to go through the struggle of having to deal with thick hairs that feel like spikes after a shave? Or do you want to have smooth skin? Go out there and get your wax girl!


Abstain from the hot bath for about 2-3 days

It is important that you stay away from the hot bath for about 2-3 days to prevent  irritation and reddish skin in the end. After you wax, your body skin will be sensitive and can’t tolerate heat.

Stay away from heat or sunlight for 3 days

As said before, take care of your skin and follow important procedures. Heat is bad after waxing and must be avoided at all costs for about 3 to 4 days so you won’t have bumps later on.

Exfoliate your skin

This is a mandatory procedure that shouldn’t be neglected. After you exfoliate, in 2 days, you must exfoliate that region to prevent the growth of ingrown hairs. Apart from that, you can use soap and water to wash your skin very well.

Put on light and loosened clothing

After having a Brazilian wax, the last thing you would do is to put on tight and heat accommodating clothes which will cause huge problems. After Brazilian wax, your skin needs fresh air to nourish. So it is important you wear light and loose clothing.


Comfortable Skin

No Itchiness, just comfortable free skin. Brazilians will leave that skin right.


Of course, waxing in general gets rid of dead skin cells, but here at SSW we make sure those dead skin cells are extinct.

It lasts long enough

Brazilian waxing is so beneficial and effective that it takes a long time for the hairs to start growing back unlike shaving. Naughty Naughty* Drop that razor seriously!

Confidence Boost

Here at SSW we survey our clientele and ask “Why do you get a Brazilian wax? And they all respond with the same answer. “Just in Case ;)” because why? Because they feel sexy and confident after getting Brazilian. That’s why. What are you waiting for?